Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt
Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt - Close Up
Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt
Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-ShirtGambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt - Close UpGambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt

Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt

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The Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt shows the erstwhile X-Man doing his thing...whipping some cards, mon ami! Suddenly that pair of twos you had looks a whole lot better! Just don't try to catch Gambit's offering...let them lie 'til the glow fades a little bit, then presto! Full House! No one will accuse you of cheating when Remy's around, lest they catch a three to the cranium. He's helpful like that. Gambit can also come to your aid if you need a heavy overcoat in which to roam the Bayou, or if you would like to hear how your name sounds pronounced with a thick Cajun accent, chere. And we can help out, too, by offering you this soft, 100% cotton, Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt!

More Details

  • Sku: tsgambitaceshigh
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: 30Single, Image

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Reviews of Gambit Aces High 30 Single T-Shirt

Monteagle, TN
submitted 2 years ago

I simply love this shirt <3 first of all the maker "we love fine" their shirts are 100% cotton which Is great!It's super comfy not bulky and rough,the design covers the shirt well and the colors are great you will really stand out In a crowd with It. :)

submitted 3 years ago

Wanted this shirt from the first time I saw it. Once I had the money to buy it, it was sold out. Stayed sold out for the longest time until I finally did an online chat to see if it would be re-stocked. Apparently, this is a popular item & shortly thereafter, it was back. I wasted no time in ordering. If you are a fan, it's a great print & good quality shirt.

submitted 3 years ago

From the time I ordered, it took about six days for my shirt to come in. The design is super cool and the colors are gorgeous, very vibrant! That pink is a lot prettier than it appears online, I was pleasantly surprised! The design takes up most of the space on the shirt as well, love the placement and size of it. The material is relatively thin, but very soft and good-feeling. For those concerned about sizing, it seems to run a little small compared to most t-shirts, so if you like baggy or need looser sleeves I recommend getting a size up. Overall a really good decision, thanks for the awesome experience superherostuff!

olney, md
submitted 4 years ago

I have been looking for this shirt in a 2x for a birthday present. I found this site and will never shop for super hero merchandise anywhere else ever again!! LOVE it!

Spike Valentine
Mexico City
submitted 4 years ago

How can you not love wearing a tee with a rad design of the Ragin' Cajun!

That Face Though
Deptford, NJ
submitted 4 years ago

I got this shirt for my brother who has always been a big fan of Gambit from Xmen. Where else do you find a Gambit t shirt, let alone one that looks this awesome?! He's been wearing it all the time! Thanks Superhero Stuff!