Gambit Costume T-Shirt
Gambit Costume T-Shirt - Close Up
Gambit Costume T-Shirt - Superhero Sighting
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Gambit Costume T-ShirtGambit Costume T-Shirt - Close UpGambit Costume T-Shirt - Superhero SightingSize Chart

Gambit Costume T-Shirt

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"Print On Front Only"

With the 100% cotton Gambit Costume T-Shirt, you'll be able to speak with a creole accent and utilize kinetic energy! Well, maybe not. You may need to practice a little bit but at least you'll look the part with this great costume t-shirt! Created in the same fashion as one of those faux-tuxedos, the Gambit Costume T-Shirt will make your t-shirt appear to be the torso of everybody's favorite Cajun! You never know - you may be able to start calling women 'Mon-sheri' without them slapping you.

More Details

  • Sku: tsgambcost
  • Color: Brown
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Costume

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Reviews of Gambit Costume T-Shirt

Houston tx
submitted 1 year ago

Cool shirt

Pax D, Professional Good Guy
Tijuana, México
submitted 3 years ago

Quality shirt, awesome desing.

Spike Valentine
Mexico City
submitted 5 years ago

Is there anything more awesome than having abs drawn by Jim Lee, mon ami?

l'epiphanie, qc
submitted 5 years ago

Best looking shirt ever create

Ben Nightwing
Brisbane, QLD
submitted 5 years ago

This shirt is brilliant the design is vibrant and really pops everyone who see me wearing it asks where I got it from. It's comfortably and durable simply one of the best shirts I own.

submitted 6 years ago

looks superb fits well

Ramon, Big X-Men fan!
Los Angeles, California
submitted 6 years ago

I ordered large but it fit me a little big, but i wont take off any points from that its a nice shirt. A lot of my friends liked the shirt and asked me where I got it from. Overall I like the shirt a bunch, I just need to shrink it and it'll be perfect!

Chicago, IL
submitted 6 years ago

My favorite character since I was a wee bit of a fangirl has been Gambit. I have been looking and looking for a great shirt and this is it! I wear it frequently, it's comfortable, and fits (hard when you're a woman).