Great Dangaioh: DVD, Vol. 4

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REGION 1 ONLY A new, thirteen-episode series from the creative mind of Toshiki Hirano (creator of the 1989's Dangaioh OAV series), GREAT DANGAIOH is the culmination of years of questions and excitement from viewers both in Japan and in North America.AFTER A DECADE OF SILENCE, THE DANGAIOH LEGEND CONTINUESAs the Dangaioh Units go through repairs after their last battle, we find out the past of Miya and Kuya, along with how they came to be involved in the Dangaioh project. With that, the secret past of the Agwarda organization! But before long, a new threat arrives, and this time, the enemy is another Dangaioh! To make matters worse, the pilot of the new threat sounds like Kuya's brother who died during the original Dangaioh project! If the new enemy is in fact Kuya's brother, how will the Dangioh pilots fight him!? Also, in a final battle, with the Dangaioh team in eminent danger, a new hero arisesGreat Dangaioh!Volume 4Video/DVD Special FeaturesRun time (minutes): 78 min

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