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Arrow TV Show Stance Button

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The 1.25 inch diameter Arrow TV Show Stance Button has Oliver Queen showing off the results of his 12 week training regime consisting of liquified scrambled eggs, jazzercise with water cooler jugs, and several hours of Wii games per day. Yep, that will do it quite nicely don't you think? Based on CW's runaway hit, the Arrow TV Show Stance Button should help you survive the Reckoning but I wouldn't suggest stabbing yourself with an arrow through this great button. Don't ask.

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  • Sku: pinarrwstnc
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Arrow TV Show Stance Button

Canada, Ontario
submitted 3 years ago

Great for your button collection and great for Arrow fans.

A fan of Stephen Amell's nipples
Portland, OR
submitted 4 years ago

It is a perfectly adequate button. I don't know that Stephen Amell's nipples are as prominent in the actual button but I'm not sure since this was a birthday gift for someone and he doesn't have the button on now. Regardless: perfectly adequate button. It's a shame shipping was more than that price of the button but whatever gets Stephen Amell's nipples on my friend's cardigan.

Madison, WI
submitted 4 years ago

What a great addition to my button collection!