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Time travel can get a little funky...just ask Doctor Who, Doc Brown, or Fry from Futurama! You see, when you start messing with time causality can play havoc. Did you always go back in time and change things but not really or when you went back in time, did you cause a deviant branch of the timestream where pizza minis were never invented? I'm pretty sure that was the plotline of 'A Sound of Thunder'...or something like that!

Do you know who you might be interested time travel and changing the future? The heroes of Legends of Tomorrow! This great show is hosted by the CW Network and shares their universe with the likes of Oliver Queen and Arrow and Barry Allen of the Flash. Oh, and I guess Supergirl now the only real question is where is Constantine? I'm still holding out for that one! I probably shouldn't hold my breath on one. Where was I? Oh yeah! The Legends of Tomorrow! It's an awesome show that you should be watching right now!

The Legends of Tomorrow focus on the exploits of the time traveler Rip Hunter as he attempts to prevent a future where Vandal Savage has taken over and has outlawed the usage of pizza minis. Actually, there might be more to it than that but let's just run with that for the time being. Rip Hunter then recruits a motley band of both heroes and villains; Firestorm, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Vixen, Malcolm Merlyn, Reverse Flash, Atom, and White Canary all lend their skills...or not. Some of those bad guys require some convincing! You know who wouldn't? Constantine!

Of course you can't watch Legends of Tomorrow without getting properly invested in Arrow, Supergirl, and the Flash! If you've been living underneath a rock, Arrow features a reformed spoiled brat who turns vigilante and protects his city from all sorts of terrible things. The Flash focuses on a formerly scattered brained forensics police office who, through a lab accident, gained super speed. The Flash then used this power to also protect his city! Supergirl focuses on Superman's favorite cousin who was also sent from Krypton...can you guess what she does? She uses her fantastic powers to protect her city! I'm starting to sense a trend here.

Do you know what the best way is to celebrate and enjoy the hit CW television shows? With one of our patented Legends of the CW HeroBoxes! You can either get the normal one(SILVER) or the ultimate one(GOLD). The normal is for those of you who want to see what the HeroBox is all about while the ultimate one is for those of you who are willing to swing for the fences! What might you get in Legends of the CW? You'll get at least a fantastic shirt but beyond that it is anybody's guess! You could get pint glasses, mugs, POP Fun Funko figures, lanyards, buttons, magnets, beanies, hats, or whatever else we can find that's related to the CW-Verse!

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