Green Lantern Chrome Adhesive Car Emblem

Green Lantern Chrome Adhesive Car Emblem

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The Green Lanterns don't really use vehicles in the traditional sense. You wouldn't really need to if your power ring allows you to fly through space and protects you from all sorts of nasty things. Of course you could always use the ring to manifest a car...or a tank...or an X-Wing. Might as well not bother using the power of the ring to look styling though. Might as well just get a normal car, you know? Blend in with the normal population. While amongst the citizens, you can still show off your 'true' colors with this great 3.5 inch diameter car adhesive! This symbol is easily applied to cars, and contains real chrome! Not the will-created kind, but the real deal! Doesn't even require the oath to work.

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new south wales Australia
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awesome really good product