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Are you ready to unlock the greatest mystery gift box known to humanity and most other planets of Space Sector 2814? Then you need the Green Lantern HeroBox! Don't worry – you don't require great will in order to use this fantastic box but you'll need great will in order to resist its powers! If anything, the other emotional corps might get totally jealous of the Green Lantern HeroBox...except for Larfleeze. He's strangely quiet this time around but maybe he's just being difficult. He's been known to do that from time to time!

The first Green Lantern to appear was named Alan Scott and he was created in July 1940 by Marin Nodell. This character had a mystic lamp that was reforged into a lamp as well as the always required Green Lantern ring. After him, many others picked up the ring and it was later established that there was a vast collection of Green Lanterns throughout the universe. Tasked with maintaining order and balance in the universe by the Guardians of Oa, the Green Lanterns utilized one of the greatest weapons all of existence...the Green Lantern ring! What does the Green Lantern ring do? Pretty much anything you want it to! You can create pretty much anything as long as your mind is focused. See why it can be so dangerous?

Hal Jordon, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have been the Green Lanterns of Earth. There countless others and aliens throughout the multiverse whose names become unwieldly to write out but just know that there is an entire planet that is a Green well as a squirrel. Don't bother asking questions...just embrace the Green Lantern HeroBox and start reciting that Oath. I know you know sing it in the shower!

It was for that reason that we decided to craft ourselves the exceptional Green Lantern HeroBox. You see, the Green Lantern HeroBox is the ultimate in mystery gift boxes. It has but one focus; to bring you a fantastic array of awesome Green Lantern gear. Heavily discounted and hand-picked, the Green Lantern HeroBox comes with at least a shirt inspired by the Emerald Knights. From there, you could pretty much get anything related to them! You could get beanies, buttons, POP Fun Funko figures, socks, lanyards, glasses, mugs, ice cube trays, rings, and whatever else we can find to make sure that the Green Lantern HeroBox is totally rocking. You might have to keep an eye on your Green Lantern HeroBox; people will crave its heavily discounted and chock-full-of-goodness nature!

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