Green Lantern Brightest Day Life Mirror Keychain

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Measuring 1.75" across and 2.5" high, this soft, lucite plastic keychain features the symbol of Life, taken from the Green Lantern inspired epic, Brightest Day.  In Blackest Night, the Green Lanterns, along with other color coded corps. and the spandex clad pantheon of the DC Universe, prevailed in the ultimate battle against non-existence, collectively defeating the sentient power of Death!  To defeat this universal state, and let's just call it entropy or at the very least the static state of un-creation, the very power of existence is wielded to tip the scales in life's favor.  Now, in the hit comic series, the Brightest Day, the coalesced entity responsible for sparking creation upon the canvass of nothingness has collected itself into a lantern.  Who will harness the collected power of Life?  Me?  Nah.  You?  Nah.   Deadman?  Hmm..  Maybe.  Oh, and it has a mirror on the other side of the symbol. Neato, right?

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Theresa the Girlfriend
Kenosha, Wi

This product broke a day after receiving it. The picture insert fell out after the top part of the plastic key chain broke. My boyfriend was pretty bummed.