Green Lantern Death Symbol Lucite Keychain

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Oh, those silly Black Lantern Corps. You know that Nekron and Black Hand would make terrible positive leaders, so I suppose they decided that all of their Corps get to be soulless bodies animated by their Black Lantern rings. The power of death is not fueled by a corresponding emotion like the other Corps, but mainly the absence of any emotion. The Black Lantern Corps exists solely to snuff out all life, and return the galaxy to a simple time without all of those pesky emotions. Funny how all the other Corps come together to stop them! Rage working with Compassion? Greed with Hope? Strange days indeed. If you cling to the idea of shutting out the light of the world AND you have keys to protect your house/ cars, then might I suggest this humble Black Lantern Symbol Lucite Keychain. I think it gives you the ability to perceive emotions anywhere in the world, and all you have to do is give up your life and swear allegiance to Scar/ Black Hand/ Nekron! 

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