Green Lantern Ceramic Symbol Mug

Green Lantern Ceramic Symbol Mug

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Here's a green, 12oz ceramic mug adorned with the Green Lantern symbol!  Yep, now you don't have to worry about the dissipation of a coffee mug you willed into existence.  Now you can just pour yourself a cup of cosmic Space Joe and..relax.  Aaahhhhh.  Anyway, it's a coffee mug adorned with a Green Lantern symbol.  Oh, and just to warn ya'.......

This Green Lantern Mug is NOT DISHWASHER OR MICROWAVE SAFE.  Be careful out there, recruits.

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  • Sku: mugglsym
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Green Lantern Ceramic Symbol Mug

Jennifer, Hal Jordan fan
Toronto, ON
submitted 3 years ago

This mug is the perfect size and everything tastes good out of it. (Because, you know, some mugs make your beverage taste weird). Also, you can kind of pretend that you're an off-duty member of the Green Lantern Corps!

Nate, Veteran Superhero Fan
Houston, TX
submitted 3 years ago

on initial review, the GL mug seems very well made. i have had many DC mugs in past that would lose their paint after first washing. not so for this one, seems well fired and sturdily made