Green Lantern Symbols Dog Leash

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You might be interested in this four foot Green Lantern Symbols Dog Leash. Why? Because it might keep your 'wittle puppy woof-woof' from releasing the yellow impurity all over the carpet. The dog didn't drink too much was Parallax! Hey, it worked for Hal Jordan - if he can obliterate a city and blame the embodiment of fear your 4 legged friend should be alright. Would be my guess anyways. Fancy the Green Lanterns? Love your dog? Well, I think that means that Green Lanterns + Dog = Green Lantern Symbols Dog Leash! See, math can be fun!

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Green L
San Francisco

I like that it looks cool representing GL and strong and sturdy for my all we need is a matching GL harness...

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.