Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring
Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring - Box View
Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel RingBlue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring - Box View

Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Plated Ring

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When all seems lost, look to the stars...for hope burns bright! You also might want to have the Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Plated Ring just in case...you know...the Blackest Night happens. I think those occur like...every month or so right? No? Still, you know you want the Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Plated Ring. Who doesn't like Saint Walker and/or super charging nearby Green Lanterns?

Please note that this is costume jewelry and won't hold up to vigorous use!

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  • Sku: ringglblsymstl
  • Color: Silver
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Blue Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Plated Ring

Ken Brown
Moore, OK
submitted 6 months ago

Let me know if you have the other lantern rings available. I highly recommend your company.

Superherostuff.com Canadian fan
Kamloops, BC
submitted 10 months ago

Love the ring - was stuck at the border a bit but did arrive. Will order again!

Goodletsville, TN
submitted 10 months ago

The description says its stainless steel, but its already turning copper, and it leaves a green mark

Superherostuff.com response:

Thanks for the feedback Brandt, it's appreciated. Just wanted to clarify that the description says it's "stainless steel plated" which is different from the ring being actual stainless steel. Sorry for the confusion.

Hopkinsville Ky
submitted 11 months ago

Great quality and quick delivery.

submitted 1 year ago

Nicely done, and the sizing was spot-on. Thanks!

Rexburg, ID
submitted 1 year ago

Poor quality metal that turns your finger green...

Superherostuff.com response:

Sorry to hear that way. Please contact customer service and we will take care of this for you!

M, I'm a fan
Aiea, Hi
submitted 1 year ago

Great. I would like to see other colors indigo, violet, orange, black, and white.

Blue Lantern Brian
Baltimore, MD
submitted 1 year ago

I wish it came in a 13 instead of 14, but with a plastic ring guard from Wal-Mart, it works!

submitted 1 year ago

I love it!

submitted 1 year ago

Great product. Exactly what I wanted.

Lexi Greywinds
St. Louis
submitted 2 years ago

While it does look nice I'm not certain this is stainless steel. I bought the older style that sold out pretty quickly, when I saw this I thought it would be good to have in reserve. This style is much nicer, but the silver finish scratched easily and began to rub off on the inside and left a dull mark on my hand after a week.

submitted 3 years ago

Simple, sturdy and clean, this ring is a pretty sweet reminder that "All will be well." Being of a smaller frame and unknowing of my ring size, I bought the size 8. It fits the ring finger perfectly, though not where I want it. Just barely too big for my pinky and just barely too tight for my middle knuckle, I sought help from Hannoush Jewelers and they said they would send it to their workshop to see if a re-sizing could be done since there's no option for size 9. I also contacted a welding shop and they seem eager to give it a try. I'm hopeful since the metal is thick, it can be stretched or cut back depending on what finger I decide to go with. Love the ring, wish there was the Indigo Tribe symbol as well (NOK!).