Green Lantern Flat Stainless Steel Ring

Green Lantern Flat Stainless Steel Ring

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I am going to end up like Hal Jordan on the cover of the Emerald Twilight if we keep on getting sweet stainless steel rings like this! I just want to put them on all of my fingers and run around going buck wild, all the while cackling like some insane madman. It sounds like such fun, and then I begin to realize why my Green Lantern rings never work. Can I really be trusted? Ah, it doesn't matter. If I keep this up I'll get a Yellow Power ring one of these days so that to me is a win-win situation! I bet you have better willpower than me. I'd go drunk with power in no time at all. Since I can't be trusted, you might as well be with this will-centered Green Lantern Flat Stainless Steel Ring! It's adorned with the Green Lantern symbol and tied to the Central Battery on Oa and everything!  This stainless steel, reflective ring is offered in specific sizes, so knowing one's ring size before purchase is...helpful. 

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Reviews of Green Lantern Flat Stainless Steel Ring

submitted 6 years ago

Love this ring. Everyone asks where I got it from. End of story.

submitted 6 years ago

My husband LOVES this ring! Perfect fit! He wears it all the time and brags about it to everyone! :) I would definitely recommend this ring to any Green Lantern fan!

azell from chi-town
submitted 6 years ago

I got the ring and was over joyed at how good it shines in the light. Love the feel of the ring and the shape of it. Wear it everywhere and just love it. Five Green lantern lights.

West Liberty, KY
submitted 6 years ago

I love the ring. It fits great, and the Green Lantern logo really stands out. My only complaint with the ring, that keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating is that the stainless steel scratches really easily. Overall I think the ring is great, and would recommend it to any Green Lantern fan.