Green Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring
Green Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring - Box View
Green Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel RingGreen Lantern Symbol Stainless Steel Ring - Box View

Green Lantern Two-Tone Symbol Stainless Steel Ring

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Become the last light of the Green Lantern Corps with the classy Green Lantern Two-Tone Symbol Stainless Steel Ring! Partially inspired by Ion and Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern Two-Tone Symbol Stainless Steel Ring shows off the slightly stylistic symbol in two different colors...which almost makes this great ring its own costume! Well, that certainly seems awfully cyclical.

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  • Sku: ringglgreenlantss
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Green Lantern Two-Tone Symbol Stainless Steel Ring

Chattanooga, TN
submitted 3 years ago

I started reading comics right about the time ol Hal went insane, so Kyle was my GL. In fact he was the only Lantern for nearly a decade or so. I personally prefer the classic symbol (I have that ring too from this same company) but it's nice to have this one in the rotation. Makes me feel a bit nostalgic plus it's just a unique design that changes things up a bit. This ring is very well made, I've had it for a month or so now and it still doesn't have a scratch on it. It's stainless steel so it should be pretty durable. It's odd they only come in even sizes, but a 10 fits my middle finger just fine. The quality can't be beat for the price. If you're a GL fan who grew up in the 90s or just want something different to throw in the rotation you should snag this. I mean com'on it's less than $30!

Ontario, Canada
submitted 3 years ago

First off, I love this ring. Kyle is my favorite character, and I have always loved how much all his stuff differed from the rest of the corps. His ring is no exception. This product is a great representation of his ring. It is nice and thin, so it fits on the finger quite well. I ordered size 12, and wear it on my right middle finger. It is quite comfortable, and just the right size. The green is somewhat see-through, which I feel gives it a bit of a glowy, ominous effect to it. The black is completely opaque, and is a nice contrast to thee green. I have ordered the chunk ring before, and it was quite large and the edges could be somewhat uncomfortable at times. This ring is much different. It is smaller, thinner, and less sharp. But don't take that as me saying it is of lower quality, I feel it is actually much better than the other one. One problem the chunk ring had was that it was a coated copper ring. So for some people, the shiny coating would rub off after long periods of wear. This ring is stainless steel, so it doesn't seem like it will have this problem. Not much else to say other than it came in a really neat little box, which, to me, was quite nice since the ring was protected within the box, and I like product packaging. All in all, 5 stars from this Lantern fan.