Orange Lantern Light-Up Power Ring

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Here's a hard plastic, one-size-fits-most ring rendered in the shape and likeness of the power ring wielded by the sole Orange Lantern, Larfloopie!  Uh....Larfleekie!  Wait, that's ....Larfleeze!  Yes! He is the sole wielder of the orange-colored, coalesced avarice of all sentient beings and......he wants your stuff. But the big news here, is.....this baby lights up!  Turn the ring upside down and use the side ridge on the included key to switch the light-up function on or off!  Instant greed, baby!!

The face of the ring measures about .75" across in diameter and about 1.5" high from the top of the face to the bottom of the band.  Each ring is powered with a replaceable CR 927 Lithium battery that can be....replaced.  If you're handy, there are easy to follow instructions for replacing the battery (and operating the ring) on the flip side of the card.  Oh, and these light-up rings were one-time exclusives to the New York Comic Con, hence the higher price, but now....we got em'!  They're all MINE! MINE! MINE!  Ok, you can have them.  For a price.

Are you a fan of Green Lantern?  You read the Blackest Night?  Yeah?  You appreciate the fact that the Orange Lantern will take all your old Christmas decorations without charging you a pick-up fee?  Maybe he ain't so bad.

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Hamilton, Ontario

Me and my friends all have are own lantern corps we like so this gift was fantastic for my friend. :)

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.