Sinestro Corps Symbol Black Metal Ring

Sinestro Corps Symbol Stainless Steel Black Metal Ring

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Here's a black-colored, stainless steel ring adorned with the symbol of the Sinestro Corps.!  Sinestro, an ex-Green Lantern, decided upon the creation of  his very own color-coded corps. of emotion wielding...corps.-people. The emotion being fear, specifically. Having noted the popularity of his "Fear Corps.," Sinestro went back to the forge and had a few thousand of these flat stainless steel rings made.  Yep, that's the story.  Nope, no stretching the (fictional) truth here, my friends. 

This is a high quality, stainless steel ring layered in opaque black, available in specific ring sizes...but only for a limited time.  These rings...ARE ONCE AND DONE, so...yeah, you should probably order one or ten before they're gone for good.  Oh, and Sinestro asks that you know your ring size before placing an order. Sinestro will not be accepting returns stemming from your disorganization.

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Reviews of Sinestro Corps Symbol Stainless Steel Black Metal Ring

gamerfreak Dan
Dallas, Tx
submitted 5 years ago

the ring looks beautiful but will you have more available? i would like to buy some (alot)

submitted 5 years ago

This ring looks very nice and is lightweight. I can wear it at formal occasions and still maintain my "geek cred" without being too obvious about it.

submitted 5 years ago

This ring holds up very well to normal daily wear. I was worried that after a few weeks it would be scratched and worn looking, but it maintains its luster.