Green Lantern Symbol Sticker

Green Lantern Symbol Sticker

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Take a gander at this 4.25 inch Green Lantern Symbol Sticker! It is great for proclaiming one's love for DC Comics' wielders of great will power. Bet you didn't even know the Green Lantern's had a symbol. Heck, I never knew they had one and I love Green Lantern! I have the Sinestro Corps War on my desk...no more than 2 feet away...and I never knew they had a symbol. Did you ever see the Green Lantern symbol? Must be one of those new things from the reboot. Probably the reason for the reboot! Green Lantern needed a symbol...it all makes perfect sense now.

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  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Reviews of Green Lantern Symbol Sticker

David R
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
submitted 1 year ago

A great laptop sticker.

Amanda kirkpatrick
Delisle, Saskatchewan
submitted 1 year ago