Green Lantern & Green Arrow Vintage #85 T-Shirt

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Check out the grey 100% cotton Green Lantern & Green Arrow Vintage #85 T-Shirt! A groundbreaking issue from DC Comics, this t-shirt placed Green Arrow's young ward Speedy into a scenario...where he was riding the white pony! That white'll knock you off and trample you without batting an eye. Green Arrow never taught Speedy mounted archery! How they got that horse all ground up into a powder like that is way beyond me, that's for sure.

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Bensalem, PA

I know you think the reaction is funny. But this was a huge moment that brought attention to drug use and making light of this is distasteful and un-funny. This is such a horrible idea for a shirt. response:

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.

Philly burbs, PA

Obviously drug abuse is a serious subject, but the picture on this shirt makes me laugh every time I see it. Green Arrow's reaction is so over the top, plus the fact that there was a kid shooting heroin on the cover of a 1971 comic is wild. Love the shirt!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.