Lantern Corps United Men's T-Shirt

$20.99 Reg.$24.99

Lantern Corps United Men's T-Shirt

$20.99 Reg.$24.99

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Because the Green Lanterns aren't alone.

What? You think the Green Lanterns are the only organized Lantern Corps. harnessing coalesced, color-specific emotional energies through perpetually glowing rings? 

FOOL! The Emotional Spectrum -- a universally pervading energy field containing the collected emotional resonance of all sentient beings -- is not an exclusive source of incredible power.

You see, there are several fields representing specific emotions, and each field empowers its very own Lantern Corps.

Made from 100% cotton, our Lantern Corps United Men's T-Shirt features a striking image of each Lantern Corp agent activating his/her/its specifically colored Power Ring!

From L to R:

  • Atrocitus the Red Lantern harnesses the red power of universal anger!
  • Larfleeze the Orange Lantern harnesses the orange power of collected avarice!
  • Sinestro the Yellow Lantern harnesses the yellow power of universal fear!
  • Hal Jordan the Green Lantern harnesses the green power of universal will!
  • Saint Walker the Blue Lantern utilizes the blue power of hope!
  • Indigo-1 the Indigo Lantern harnesses the indigo light of compassion!
  • Carol Ferris the Star Sapphire harnesses the violet light of love!

So, slip on this striking Green Lantern t-shirt for men and say the oath! And then say another six oaths!

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