Green Lantern Alan Scott Tin Sign

Green Lantern Alan Scott Tin Sign

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Measuring 7.5" across and 11" high, this tin poster-sign features the image taken straight from the cover of Green Lantern #1! This was back when Green Lantern found, like.....a train lamp imbued with the power of the...Green Flame? Or is that...the Starheart!?? Anyway, Green Lantern had to be wary of....pop-sickle sticks, toothpicks and log cabins since his only weakness was (and no, I'm not kidding here)...wood. And unfortunately, a heck of a lot more things were made of wood in 1941, so.....It was never an easy time for the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Thankfully, the attacker on the cover of issue #1 wields a metal sword. Although...his wooden shoes proved difficult to effectively defend against. Anyway, cool tin sign with a metal hook on the back for...hangin'!

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Reviews of Green Lantern Alan Scott Tin Sign

Dallas, TX
submitted 4 years ago

I recently bought this and a similar Batman sign, and I really like them. My only complaint with it, if you can call it that, is that it is relatively small. I've bought several different superhero tin signs, and all of those we're e exact same size. This one comes in much smaller, about the size of an actual comic book cover. It isn't necessarily a problem. It just won't match up with others if you have a number of different signs.