Green Lantern Symbol Molded Rubber Wristband

Green Lantern Symbol Molded Rubber Wristband

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Our Green Lantern Symbol Molded Rubber Wristband carries the iconic symbol of DC Comics' space cop Green Lantern on a stretchable rubber band. The lighter green band itself measures about 1-inch high with the top and bottom edges of the molded, darker green symbol edging slightly above and below the rest of the band. No matter how hard you concentrate, no constructs will be created as a result of your wearing this Green Lantern wristband, but by the same token, it requires zero charging and is less of a burden than that big clunky ring. And you are 99% less likely to get punched by or punch Batman while wearing your Green Lantern Symbol Molded Rubber wristband than you'd be with that ring, too!

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  • Sku: bandrubmldglsym
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Green Lantern Symbol Molded Rubber Wristband

Wolvie's Bub
Orlando, FL
submitted 2 years ago

Nice accessory

Akron, OH
submitted 3 years ago

A very cool wristband. Goes good with my GL ring.

Wendy....shopping Mom
submitted 6 years ago

Nice, but it broke seconds after my 13 year old tried to put it on. Description should include size in inches or centimetres (This one is about 8 inches). My son has big wrists, but he was disappointed. The Spiderman one is also too tight and I have to get another wristband locally, cut and crazy glue, and try to make them bigger. Nothing wrong with the product, but if I had known how small they were I probably would not have ordered them.