Baby Groot Women's Loungefly Zip Around Wallet


Baby Groot Women's Loungefly Zip Around Wallet


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A wallet that keeps identifying itself.

Yes, our Baby Groot Women's Loungefly Zip Around Wallet  looks and feels like a perfectly sliced slab of Groot bark thanks to its leather-like veneer and engraved wood grain accents. 

And that expressive, embroidered smile? Those carefully stitched applique eyes with printed pools of white light? Yes, these are more details expressing this Groot wallet's apparent Groot-ness.

But what really gives it away is a soft but still discernable succession of "I am Groot(s)" coming from the purse face -- apparently, someone thought it clever to add sentient space-bark during production.

Anyway, it blatantly conveys the naturally grown exterior of the Guardians' favorite tree-person in the following wonderful ways:

The exterior!

  • Brown, leather-like exterior with debossed (engraved) wood grain, those applique peepers, and that inviting, embroidered smile.

  • A zip-around zipper complete with soft green puller rendered in the shape (and likeness) of a leaf.

The interior!

  • Soft, white interior slathered in brown word balloons and characters repeating Groot's self-affirming proclamation (yes, it says "I AM GROOT")

  • Black, leather-like slots for cards, IDs, etc.

  • A center pouch with zip-up closure.

More awesome details regarding your new Groot Wallet!

  • A faux-leather material mimicking a tactile bark experience.
  • Measures 8" across, 4" high (4" deep when open).

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