GOTG Rocket Raccoon Armor 59Ffity Hat

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Made from a sweet blend of a 100% polyester outer shell and a 100% polyurethane inside, the GOTG Rocket Raccoon Armor 59Fifty Hat is based on the gun-toting varmint from Marvel's ever-popular Guardians of the Galaxy! I'm sure you are familiar with Hadron Colliders and what-have-you.

Produced by galaxy-famous New Era, this EXCLUSIVE flat-billed and fitted hat will help you escape the Kyln or invent all sorts of crazy explosives...or just look super good. You know what? It's probably that last bit. Those other things you'll have to figure out on your own accord! 

Other interesting tidbits making this hat more important than the universally translated Guide to Arming and Detonating Planet-Demolishing Micro-Warheads:

  • An incredibly soft, furry, fuzzy material reminiscent of Rocket's lush coat (without the pervading miasma of arm-cannon discharge).

  • The likeness of Rocket's forever scowling face-parts, layered over that furry coat and rendered in filled, fuzzy embroidery.

  • A striking, full-color illustration residing under the bill: Rocket blasting the pea soup out of space-born ne'er-do-wells with the above-mentioned arm-cannon.

  • An inner-lining slathered with images of Rocket Raccoon taken from all manner of comic books featuring, yes, Rocket Raccoon.

More Details:

  • SKU:capgotgrcktrc5950
  • Color:Brown
  • Licensor:Marvel
  • Style Attributes:Exclusive
  • Hat Attributes:New Era 5950, Fitted, Flatbill, Character Image
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