New Era Rocket Raccoon Hat

New Era Rocket Raccoon Hat

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Featuring the genuine pelt of a sentient, surprisingly bi-pedal and smack-talking space-raccoon, our Rocket Raccoon hat is a morally questionable homage to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s well-armed, bushy-tailed weapons-smith, Rocket Raccoon!

Designed by high-quality hat-maker New Era – and featuring a smattering of low-tech circuitry recently procured from a Radio Shack filled with squatting Pokemon GO addicts -- this fitted hat is rendered in the likeness of the historical coonskin cap, a piece of Native American headwear adorned by American and Canadian frontiersman in the 18th and 19th centuries. History lesson status: complete.

  • Made from 100% sentient space-raccoon adorned with outdated Earth technology to validate its natural, deep-space habitat.
  • Fitted cap with an odd smell reminiscent of a Pulse Rifle’s vaporous discharge -- a mid-grade assault rifle utilized by licensed bounty hunters appointed to hunt and mortally stymie wanted galactic miscreants operating illegally within the Skrull Throne-worlds.
  • Limited to ONE singular hat! Apparently, there’s only one walking, talking space raccoon with a propensity for weapons and irate, painfully repetitive expletives.



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