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HeroBox Guardians of the Galaxy New Era Box

5950 Edition
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End of May 2017


Limited Edition Guardians of the Galaxy HeroBox®

Celebrate the Guardians’ intergalactic exploits and their unimpressed allies with four mystery items and a premium New Era Hat representing the space-proof headwear of Richard Rider, the legendary Nova Prime!

The box is limited to 375 and priced to provide great value to the most discerning Guardians fans. The value of its contents taken individually, including its feature item – an exclusive New Era cap available only through the Guardians of the Galaxy HeroBox® – well exceeds the box price. $100 of Guardians of the Galaxy Gear for just $69.

Includes Exclusive New Era Hat

  • New Era 59Fifty fitted, flat brim style ($61.99 retail value)
  • Golden, shiny, polyurethane fabric mimicking the Nova helmet
  • Top of brim mimics the golden, reflective breastplates of Nova's uniform
  • Under the brim rendering of Nova by cover artist Aleski Briclot
  • Intergalactic interior featuring a swirling galaxy of stars
  • NOVA cap exclusive to Only available in HeroBox® and at select comic cons

Each Box Includes a T-Shirt + Bonus Items

You’re guaranteed a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt celebrating your love of Marvel’s space-faring heroes doling out mixtape-induced mayhem. Besides the t-shirt and EXCLUSIVE hat, the Guardians of the Galaxy HeroBox® contains four additional mystery items. What are they? Well, we’re not going to tell you and neither will Groot. However, the contents absolutely hold greater value than the price of the box.

Why Do We Love Guardians (and Nova)?

Because they’re insane but surprisingly good natured, and enact this good-natured insanity while listening to Blue Suede’s "Hooked on a Feeling." And, their ranks include a talking tree who’s humorously monosyllabic and a talking raccoon who’s seriously well-armed.
While the Guardians laughed it up, Richard Rider lost the Nova Corps to the Annihilation Wave and found himself the sole recipient of the immensely powerful Nova Force. After rebuilding the Corps, Richard lost his life while combating the invasive Cancerverse. However, Richard’s mother recently received a visit from a very familiar face. NOVA PRIME LIVES!

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