Gwenpool Cute Ambigram Women's T-Shirt

$11.99 Reg.$29.99

Gwenpool Cute Ambigram Women's T-Shirt

$11.99 Reg.$29.99

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She's perfectly aware that she lives in a comic book -- it's called "medium awareness."

Gwen Poole was just a ravenous reader of all things fantasy and science fiction in a very boring world not unlike our own -- a world without unicorns, flying sharks, or Marvel superheroes.

Oddly enough, through an unfathomable chain of events, the fiction-obsessed female fan ended up in the Marvel Universe where she bought herself a costume, and acquired the name "Gwenpool" considering the shop owner misread her order form.

Now, she's moving through comics and manipulating panels, earning herself a high-quality comic book t-shirt -- specifically, our Gwenpool Cute Ambigram Women's T-Shirt.

Made from 100% cotton, this heather-gray Gwenpool t-shirt for women features a cute, almost rubbery caricature of Gwenpool casually sipping a soft-drink -- she's layered over purposely scratchy comic panels.

This high-end, exceptionally soft Gwenpool t-shirt features striking colors, sharp graphics, and a gorgeous *ambigram logo that reads "GWENPOOL" right-side up, and upside down.

*What's an ambigram? It's a word or other artistic, symbolic representation -- in this case, typographical art-- that retains a similar or different theme/meaning when interpreted in different directions.

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