HALO Spartan Costume T-Shirt

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I bet you've seen those faux Tuxedo t-shirts before, and you thought to yourself how you really like that concept but you don't like tuxedos to begin with. You like stomping the Flood and/or Covenant in! Stupid aliens. Stupid alien hive minds. Give me your energy blades and keep on walking! Oh, sorry about that. I was looking at the 100% cotton HALO Spartan Costume T-Shirt which combines that 'fake tuxedo' shirt look with something you're a bit more comfortable with - Master Chief's armor! Yeah, time for field goal kicking some of those little buggers.

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  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
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Allan Patrick Bignell Jr aka Slade Hokan
Opaskwayak (The Pas), Manitoba

I love this shirt it's awesome! O only is it Halo it kind of reminds me of Bane for some reason. must be because it looks like a tactical vest from a distance. Lol

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Westminster, Ca

This shirt is so badass! I'm a hardcore halo fanboy and people always ask where I got this shirt

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.