Harley Quinn Wacky Wobbler

Harley Quinn Wacky Wobbler

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Customize your cell in Arkham with the exceptional 6.5 inch tall Harley Quinn Wacky Wobbler! That is if they still let you keep stuff in there with you...ever since you turned that teddy bears of yours into Abe Lincoln and started reciting the Emancipation Proclamation from memory the orderlies have been keeping an eye on you. Perhaps the Harley Quinn Wacky Wobbler can be the first step in mental recovery...or a life of crime with DC Comics' Clown Prince of Crime.

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  • Sku: toyhqwobbler
  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Harley Quinn Wacky Wobbler

Ruby Merchant
submitted 3 years ago

I hope she is not on a bummer whether not the fur will fly.Anyways,it does not seem she is in a bad mood today quite on the contrary she looks in a high good humor;Joker must have made fools of her and she kinda loved it,I dunno….. perhaps she is having a nice day smashing and thumping anything that moves around… "thugs included" (Chuckle). The only thing I know is that she looks "so hot" on top of my sitting room´s wardrobe.It is the highlight of the room now. I am delighted with her around ………….coming to think of it,delighted with her around…...who would say such nonsense like that? I am impossible,really!! I LOVE IT WITH THE WORKS!!I can´t help it!!