Harley Quinn Charm Bracelet

Harley Quinn Charm Bracelet

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This thing is going to move faster than a skydiving Joker so you may want to pick up the Harley Quinn Charm Bracelet! How can you possibly go wrong with a charm bracelet wholly inspired by the former doctor of Arkham and adorned with different Harley-themed symbols? Exactly! In the time it took you to read about the Harley Quinn Charm Bracelet we probably sold like a billion so you better hop to it puddin!

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  • Sku: bracehqcharm
  • Color: Silver
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Harley Quinn Charm Bracelet

St. Petersburg, Florida
submitted 3 years ago

It seems like it would be easy for this bracelet to slip off, but I haven't noticed any problems with it at all. My girlfriend loves it.