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Harley Quinn Classic Lanyard with PVC Charm

$6.99 Reg.$8.99

Harley Quinn Classic Lanyard with PVC Charm

$6.99 Reg.$8.99

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The lanyard that absolutely ruined your disguise.

You dressed like your former self, your lesser self -- Doctor Harleen Quinzel, the Joker's preferred psychologist.

You wore this "disguise" to infiltrate Arkham Asylum and rescue "Puddin'" from his 456th consecutive internment.

Unfortunately, you stored the keycard to his cell in a Harley Quinn Classic Lanyard with PVC Charm -- an unusually astute guard looked at the lanyard, looked at your especially pale skin, and made the connection.

With a rubbery diamond charm and ostentatious Harley Quinn indicia, this Harley Quinn lanyard is the 'super-neato-bestest' lanyard for the following wonderful reasons:

  • A long, adjustable band measuring roughly 19" from top to metal clip.

  • Recurring Harley Quinn torsos and logos residing on said band.

  • A metal, push-button clip for easy clipping!

  • A clear plastic sleeve for easy ID holding!

  • A collectible sticker residing on the card residing in the clear plastic sleeve!

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  • Product Brands:
  • Harley Quinn
  • Product Category:
  • Accessories,
  • Lanyard
  • SKU: lanhqclassic

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