Harley Quinn Pattern Women's Footless Tights

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Oh, Mista J will love the 65% polyester 25% nylon 10% spandex Harley Quinn Pattern Women's Footless Tights! They are absolutely perfect for his 'main squeeze' / sidekick, Ms. Harleen Quinzel...AKA Harley Quinn! I wonder if Ms. Quinzel's parents realized how closely they named their child to the word Harlequin? I don't think anybody in Gotham really thinks that far ahead, unfortunately. The footless Harley Quinn Pattern Women's Footless Tights are the 'classic' looking leggings for Harley and not the Suicide Squad version(she doesn't really wear tights in that) so you'll be set to watch all of that old school Bruce Timm stuff! Get the Harley Quinn Pattern Women's Footless Tights and start calling people 'puddin'.

"Tights Are Thin And Run Small, Should Be Worn Like Stockings"

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I have two major complaints with these tights. First off they are made quite small, I normally have no trouble fitting large or extra large juniors tights. These just barely fit, they are made so small! Secondly if you are expecting to match these tights with a Harley Quinn dress, these tights won't match. The tights are so transparent that you get more of an orangey red color than the bright red of the dress. These are not the worst things I have bought, but I am definitely disappointed.