Harley Quinn Glitter Diamonds Unisex Pajama Sleep Pants



Harley Quinn Glitter Diamonds Unisex Pajama Sleep Pants


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The perfect pajama pants for loungin' (and cuddlin') with Puddin'.

What's a "Puddin'? Why, that would be Harley's pet name for the Joker. DUH! And, what does the Harlequin-themed Harley Quinn do with the Joker (besides killing and maiming in liberally applied clown makeup)?

She enjoys holding hands and long, uninterrupted cuddle sessions while binging cartoons on a bullet-riddled couch.

And what does she wear upon said couch while watching Animanicas? Why, the Harley Quinn Glitter Diamonds Unisex Pajama Sleep Pants, of course.

Made from an extremely soft 100% cotton, these EXCLUSIVE Harley Quinn pajama pants boldly carry the Harley aesthetic with glitter-printed diamond clusters and an ornately rendered "HQ" (complete with dangling headpiece).

Looking for more reasons why your Harley Quinn sleep pants are the coolest?

More reasons why your Harley Quinn pajama pants are simply the coolest:

  • Soft? Oh, yeah.
  • An elastic waistband with drawstring tie.
  • Unisex sizing for all comers -- men, women, and perhaps teen Harleys.
  • Spacious pockets.

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