Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt
Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt- Close Up
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Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt- No Neck
Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-ShirtHarley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt- Close UpSize ChartHarley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt- No Neck

Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt

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Oh, Harley Quinn...you so crazy! I guess that is what happens to psychologists who try to understand a bit too much of the Joker. Miss Quinzel spends all of that time getting a fancy degree only to end up wearing a costume, dating a psychopath, and using an over sized gun! The 100% cotton Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt bravely displays Harley as she uses playing cards as decoration and/or target practice. Where she found a 'juicy' Batman card is beyond me! Although I can help you out if you care to get the Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt...just saying!

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  • Sku: tsharleycrdsht
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Harley Quinn Card Shot Black T-Shirt

Anchorage, AK
submitted 3 years ago

My girlfriend whom I bought it for loved the shirt and would appreciate more Harley Quinn merchandise both from me and from Superherostuff.com's stock.

Wilmington, NC
submitted 3 years ago

Awesome shirt. Also ordered a Joker shirt. His/Hers type thing. Will be ordering from this site again real soon!

submitted 4 years ago

Harley Quinn is awesome and this is one of the best Harley Quinn shirts you can find. So if you're a Harley fan like I am I recommend this shirt.

submitted 4 years ago

This looks so much better in hand than the picture on the website! The quality of the t-shirt is good, it is comfortable, doesn't have annoyingly stiff (and scratchy) neck labels, and the image is very colourful and detailed.

red wolf
Denver, CO
submitted 4 years ago

automatic ten. I love it. my friends and family love it. I got two cause this shirt rocks and I wear it everytime it's clean or not. great graphics and that Harley factor make this a winner and a must for any Harley fan. superhero stuff has a lot of Harley options on tees your gonna love. get yours now before I buy them all. peace.

red wolf
Denver, CO.
submitted 4 years ago

soon as I put it on I knew this would be my new favorite winter t-shirt. very cool and the chicks love it. make more. make more. more Harley stuff

Rubi,DC Comic books fan
submitted 5 years ago

Shall we play cards?Are you game or not?It would be far better off if you are because Harley is ready to take action and make her move so.......brace yourself for the worst and do not turn your back on her! She despises all-for-the-common good´s actions of the day and won´t hesitate to shoot you at the back or right in the face if she does not see it eye to eye,such is Harley and nobody can blame her,she does it the way she pleases and Batman fell for it,same old same old.The king of Gotham down many others to go........ ouch!! I hope you are not next,just a gentle reminder,....If I were you I would scrub round it and not falter to get this fab shirt with it´s own style featuring Harley and her Colt risen from the gutter. There´s not a moment to lose!Time is ticking down and she is after you!!Find a hideout soon or give yourself in but remember nothing can save you unless Harley sees you wearing her favorite sporty shirt;if such was the case she would goggle her eyes at you and fall in love immediately so... worth a shot,right?

submitted 5 years ago

I bought this as a father's day gift, and it was the perfect choice! Great quality tee, print is fantastic and money well spent!