Harley Quinn Nice Shot Sublimated T-Shirt

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When Filter wrote that song about 'nice shots' I don't know if they were talking about the 100% polyester Harley Quinn Nice Shot Sublimated T-Shirt but hey, it works! Featuring the Clown Princess of Crime, the Harley Quinn Nice Shot Sublimated T-Shirt has two images, both front and back and all over! You a fan of the Joker and his inconsistent sidekick? Then you need this shirt!

These are not your typical shirts; sublimation is a viable and durable solution to the industry standard of ink jet heat transfers. The sublimation process takes a large sheet of ink soaked paper heated to ridiculous temperatures which causes the ink to literally bind to the fabric. This causes the shirt's image to become amazingly resilient to the ravages of time! 

This technique can result in small imperfections, generally around the armpit, seams, and stretched spots on the shirt. It is something that is intrinsic with this process but it makes each shirt wholly unique.

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  • Color:Silver
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:DC
  • Style Attributes:Front/back print, Sublimation/all-over print, Image
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Demetrius Powell I
Jacksonville FL

Another of my lady favorite characters next to Batman...

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Dallas, Tx

It lived up to it's description both in terms of quality of the shirt material and the printing.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Jeff Marzano
Watertown, NY

I picked up this shirt on sale at SHS. I have paid full price in the past.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Ruby Merchant.

Who would think of it otherwise?That Harley does not rule!!He´s got the whole empire on her feet and "Mr Joker" cannot resist her charm....perhaps she´s all heart and works like a charm when working side by side.(chuckle) So....I will be asking once again:Who rules in town? The answer might be a little tricky;Respond properly and Harley will do you a favor by shooting you right up to your face on the forefront (A good choice,does not it?) Or if you regrettably fail the question "Harley won´t ask again but the game is over anyways (back of the tee) coming right up your ass.....OOOPS!!A derelict building demolished from head to toe,I mean YOU!! FIREWORKS ON A PLATE COMING RIGHT UP!!" **Haven´t you ever noticed(My dearest viewer) that Harley and MR J are soul mates?I have,yes,that is why I got this tee in the first place and I LOVE IT WITH THE FIREWORKS,OOPS!Sorry,GOTCHA?(CHUCKLE)

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.