Harley Quinn Pow! Men's Bi-Fold Wallet

$13.99 Reg.$19.99

Harley Quinn Pow! Men's Bi-Fold Wallet

$13.99 Reg.$19.99

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This Harley Quinn wallet promises more "BANG" for the buck!

Technically, our Harley Quinn Pow! Men's Bi-Fold Wallet offers more "POW" than the average wallet, but there are -- as far as I know -- ZERO clever colloquialisms including "POW," so I went with what works.

Oh, and if Harley has you at gunpoint, demanding you say the alphabet backwards lest you receive a sound, point-blank execution, I beseech you to pray for the sound effect flag, and not, you know, an actual bullet complete with etched smiley face.

How does this Harley Quinn wallet effectively convey the chaotic Harley aesthetic?

The exterior!

  • Two images of Harley rendered in pink-- she's haunted by misty, green and translucent images of a tormenting Joker!

The interior!

  • Cash-sized money-space!
  • Rendered in a stitched, leather-like material, the left-side features four card slots.
  • The right-side features an ID slot covered in clear plastic.

More awesome details regarding your new Harley Quinn wallet!

  • Measures 8.25 " across, 3.25" high (open).
  • Measures 4" across, 3.25" high (closed).
  • Materials: a polyester/polyurethane blend.

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  • Harley Quinn
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  • Accessories,
  • Wallets
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