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Love Mail


You guys are my #1 source for any hero t-shirt I seek. I proudly wear these T-shirts where ever I go whether it be the gym I go to 3-4 times a week or anywhere even the movies.

The prices are excellent and reasonable doing fine there. In conclusion nothing is wrong your all right by me. Now I got to save up for my Wolverine leather Jacket. Lol

Also I have no problem at all answering the question. "Where you get that t-shirt from?", which I proudly say. "I got it from". This is a popular question I receive quite a bit. Free promotion from yours truly the future super hero t shirt wearing future professional wrestler "Slade Hokan". Keep up the good work. :)

- Allan Patrick Bignell Jr aka "Slade Hokan"

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Wow Danielle, you guys are so great!!!

Yesterday I drove to the post office [for the third time] and told the guy that the parcel HAS to be in the there and I am not leaving until they make the effort of looking for it and not just checking the system. The poor guy spent an hour looking for it and I told him it will be from Superherostuff and it’s a good thing you guys put an awesome sticker cause that’s how he found it!!!! Some guy never registered it in and it was in a d-listed pile :l

I really do love your items and the emblem is better than I thought it will be, now I’m scared to have it on my car coz someone might steal it.

Thank you for the offer below, but as I am an honest and superhero loving guy needed to let you know.

I have told a couple of my buddies about you guys and am sure they will be buying stuff too – just hope they don’t buy the same things as me L

Most importantly, thank you for the awesome customer service, really great to liaise with someone passionate about the job and superheroes


PS, we basically don’t have any Batman fans here so I need to keep the bat-signal going J

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I just wanted to take a moment to send a sincere "Thank you" for the Green Lantern cuff links that you sent to me. I must say that it's very impressive that you and your company would follow up on the situation nearly six months after it occurred. The fact that you sent me the cuff links even though I canceled my order due to the error says a lot about you and your company. Needless to say you have definitely won me over, and I will be going to regularly to see what you have to offer. In fact, I have just placed an order for two Green Lantern shirts using one of your current coupon codes (are you noticing a trend in my purchase habits?).

If I had been a regular customer your company sending me the cuff links as you did would have been surprising. Having done so in this situation is well beyond what other companies believe to be customer service. It shows a level of professionalism and commitment to customers that many could not even conceive of.

Again, my sincerest thanks to you and your company Danielle. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Wally Flores Jr.

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HOW EXCITING!! Thank you so much for all your help Danielle throughout all of this! You've gone above and beyond in customer service! I can't thank you enough! :D I hope you get a big reward for all your hard work! :] Good luck for the future, and hopefully you wont have to hear from me in the near future :B

Your biggest fan


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Hey Danielle

No worries.

It would be kind of you sending me the Tracking number. Thanks for your help. I want to let here registered that I appreciate much what you done. That was very professional and I will recommend the site every person I know here.

Once again, thank you very much.

Leandro Queiroz

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hey just wanted to say thank you for the absolutely GREAT SERVICE and sorry for making you run through the warehouse only making me feel that much more appreciative of your help today. You having to run and catch up to the order only means you shipped the order out right away not later on so again i say thank you for everything you did today , not sure if you hear it a lot but definitely wanted to.

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Thank you soooo much! You just couldn't have done any better with your fantastic service. You've been so helpful, very happy. I will be telling everyone – about your website and the cool things they can order. Hope you also have a great Christmas, many blessings.

Jean Edwards.

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Hi, just wanted to thank you so much for helping me sort out my order, don't know if it was Danielle I spoke to when I rang, but the girl was so helpful and friendly! I really wish every helpline would be as efficient and willing as you guys. Now hopefully I'll get my order in time for Christmas with no hassle.

Thank you so much!
Fleurre xxx

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Thanks very much, Danielle!

I've been following you guys for a long while now on Facebook, and never really had the call to buy anything until now. I'd read great things about your customer service (and I think you in particular were mentioned in the love mail section of the site), and so far I can confidently say that it's been so easy to use and order from you guys! Keep it up!


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Thanks Danielle, I am sure she will love it. I want to thank you for being so helpful; I hope your company appreciates the great job you are doing. Thanks again for all your help, when I need other products from your company, I will look forward to talking to you again. Kind regards & best wishes :)

Michael M.

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Thank you so much. I really did not expect you to be able to do that after the fact. I need to order a few more things for my son's new room and I will definitely be getting them from you!

Leigh Ann

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Thank you! This was incredible customer service. You have just earned a customer with 2 boys that love "The Justice League".

Thanks again
Danielle. L. Silverman

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I would just like to take a moment to say thank you. I have purchased some things over the internet lately. I must say dealing with you has been a breeze. I received the product I ordered in a timely manner and the product was better than I expected. I would recommend anyone to do business with you. Thanks so much for being on top of your game. You just don't know how thrilled I am that someone that does business knows how important it is to conduct themselves in a professional but friendly manner. Awesome Guys

Thank You.
Kathy Ride

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Dear Superherostuff

Just a quick thank you for your speedy dispatch of the above order which I received yesterday morning over here in merry old England! Absolutely love the t-shirt, you have a fantastic website and will definately be buying from yourselves again in the near future!!

Many thanks
Gareth Williams

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Howdy again,

WOW! Thank you again for all the personal attention, patience, time and energy to clarify and fix and adapt my order. Your first class effort and professionalism speak very highly of the intelligence of for hiring such a bright, talented and thoughtful person. That’s definitely a reason to shop here again. You deserve a raise, and a vacation Disney cruise all expense paid , and your own unicorn. THANK YOU soo much again, and may the moments in your time ahead be most peaceful and agreeable for you.

God Bless, Good Luck, and Happy Trails. Saddle Pal As You. Day By Day Count Your Blessings, Because It Could Be Worse, And Keeping It Positive, Because Being Negative, Gets You Nowhere But Down. It is medically proven to shorten your life span and it shuts off your brain, and is no fun.


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Did I mention that you rock!!!! Tell your boss you deserve a raise. Speaking of tech stuff, every time you send an email...I get it twice. Exactly the same....but one will be 2kb and the other 3 or 4 :{ Weird. Anyhoo, I will call one of these days and once again I thank you for your help in all this wackiness.

You my girl ROCK!!! Corey

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OMG I would LOVE to be added to the news letter!! =D!! K it was more like... 49% you are awesome and 51% you are not an animated response, lol. ;)

Oh and as another request, I would like you to forward these emails to your superior/manager so that he/she can see what an amazing representative you are. Again I have no idea who you are girl, but just the customer service you have shown today I believe that they should clone you :) and plus you have to be a geek for working with superherostuff, so you are ok in my book =D! Thank you for all your help and I can't wait for my newsletter! hell... I just might send an email to say hi one day :) Bye and thanks again!

Andrew Amick

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So you are the customer service rep? If so, thank you. You were very nice in helping with returning my friends flash hoodie for the correct size(my error) on the phone. Thanks, also you are very cute.


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Dear Danielle,

I recently purchased three t-shirts and a X-Men belt last week. I received the package today and in great condition I might add. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! My best friend's birthday is on the 26th of this month and I had no idea what to get him. I knew he liked Spider-Man and venom as well and your website had great merchandise. I am so excited to give him his shirts and belt that I can hardly wait....once again thank you for the wonderful merchandise you have on your website and I hope to purchase more in the future :)

Thank you,
A new and happy customer

Our Response

Well, I want to start off by saying I am very sorry I have not replied sooner, it has been really busy lately. However, I want to thank you for your awesome message you sent us! That is really cool that we could help you out with his birthday! I just hope he was really happy with his present. I am glad that everything worked out good for you!

Thank you once again!

Cindy Responds again

He said it was "the best present I’ve got in a long time" = )
He had a smile from ear to ear and actually put one of the shirts on at the moment lol. I was so happy he loved them, and the wolverine belt was awesome. I think I'm going to order one for myself.

Thanks for everything,

Cindy = )

PS He said it was one of the best birthdays he's had in a while

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Dear Mr. Welch,
I wish to send a "thank you" to you and your staff for the excellent customer service I received. Danielle was just super! She never lost her patience with me as I did not have the proper information required to place our company credit card order for t-shirts. I must have called her about six times.

Thanks for making my assignment a little bit easier on a crazy work day. Danielle, never lose your kindness because it makes you stand out!

You Are The Best
Administrative Assistant

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To all you wonderful people,

My fiance and I love your store. In fact, we live in the Portland metro area and have searched for your store and were very saddened to find it was closed. We are registering for our wedding and were wondering if you have a register, wish list, or gift certificate option. I have searched your site and found nothing, but I do admit, I have not dug through everything.

We have both ordered from you multiple times and absolutely love what we've received. I consider myself extremely lucky to have ordered the "Wolverine: Ready to Kill" hoodie before it sold out. It is my favorite. Like one of your other love mails, I turn into a giddy kid whenever I look at it and try to wear it as often as possible. Anyway, enough gushing. Please let me know if any of said registry options are available.

Thank you for your time.

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Well, just thought I'd say thanks for the really quick shipment on my Green Lantern t-shirt! Your site was the only one where I could find a woman's GL shirt! Way to go! It came in time for Halloween and it looked GREAT! All the geeks that saw me thought my costume was awesome.

PS: Any chance you guys could get in some more woman's sizes? I usually only find gigantic men's sizes everywhere else. Thanks again for having an awesome store!! I'll definitely recommend you to others!


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What I ordered was a hoodie with a nice Speed Racer design on the front. What just arrived is this dazzling artwork that I can wear! The only thing that bums me out is that it's still not cold enough to wear it. I'm not usually much for labels, but I even like the "Lot 29" logo on the butt. When the compliments start pouring in--and I'm sure they will--I'll tell everyone about

Thanks a lot

Cooper Jones

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Hey guys! I just want to thank you for sending my t-shirt on time and in great condition. Most internet shops aren't really that reliable and I’m glad to know that your site is. The Batman t-shirt that I bought from you guys will certainly not be the last. You can expect me to buy more stuff from your website! I already got my eye on another shirt.

Thanks Again to everybody at

Your New Loyal Customer,

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I ordered a small sized BPRD t-shirt from your store last week and it arrived today(four work days later and I'm in Australia!!!). I'd just like to thank you for the incredibly quick delivery and excellent service you've provided.

The t-shirt was a little small, which is entirely my fault(too much pizza), so I've ordered the same one in medium and even added another Batman t-shirt to my list. Your store is fantastic and I've already told a few of my fellow geek friends all about it.

Thanks again and keep up the great work. I'll be visiting your website on a regular basis from now on.


- - - - - - - - - -


Jan Svatos,

Hello Ronando,

I'm happy to tell you, that yesterday I received my package with Batman hoodie and T-Shirt, so I'm able to give them as a X-mas present as I wanted.

Thanks a lot and I wish you merry Christmas,

Czech Republic
Note: it took only 8 days to arrive there!! Wayy fast!

- - - - - - - - - -


Just a quick note to thank you!

I received the batman bank yesterday and it’s absolutely perfect. It’s a Christmas gift for my little nephew and he is going to get the biggest charge out of it. He is just all about Batman right now.

I am SO happy I found your website and will tell others. Thank you again for shipping it out so quickly and the whole experience with you has been positive!!

Jason Billi

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9/15/2006 Hello, Deanna!

I LOVE my new Wonder Woman T-Shirts...the sizing on these is perfect!! I will wear them with pride!! Now I will look as 'cool' as my husband!!! Thank you so much for looking out for me. If you get any other WW designs in the larger sizes, please let me know.

You are my Hero! Thanks again!
Nicky Harv--

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Awesome service, got the T-Shirt today already for next years Spidey 3 premiere.


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Dear Deanna,

I want to say a huge thank you to you and the guys at Superhero Stuff. I placed the order below, and would you believe, received it here in Scotland at 9am our time this morning (Tuesday 13th June)!!!! I cannot believe the speed of receiving that across the Atlantic to Glasgow, Scotland!

Now, the most important thing, these shirts are outstanding!!! I mean, just amazing (literally!! - Spidey!). I may be a 32 year old man, but on sight of the shirts on opening I became 5 again!! Ha haaa! Fantastic. Quality and design are just superb.

I will definitely recommend your sight to all - especially for birthdays and Christmases, and hey!!, any occasion really, especially if they're gifts for me! :-) And I will most certainly order very soon - as long as you guys don't mind the inconvenience of airmail to Scotland again!

Thanks again!
Scott Hanley,

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Hate Mail

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I was shocked, disgusted and amazed when I saw that you have a Mexican flag/superman logo t-shirt for sale on your site. You ought to be ashamed and disgusted. How could you?! Isn't it bad enough that these leeches come over here and with no thought of patriotism or respect for this country that gives them the opportunities that their own country won't and still they have the unmitigated gall and shamelessness to bad mouth our country and do that to Superman!! He stands for truth, justice and the AMERICAN way. Damn you. And just so you know...I have a hispanic surname, but I AM AN AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BORN, RAISED AND DAMN PROUD OF IT!


Our response from Stephanie

Dear Charles,

Thank you for your email. We fail to realize how a Mexican Flag Superman symbol is in any way inappropriate. Also, in case you were unaware or forgot...Superman is an alien from the Planet Krypton.


- - - - - - - - - -


I just received my order and was very pleased to find that it arrived in good condition and much quicker than I expected. The spider-man costume shirt and flash hat are very cool. Excellent service on those fronts.

Unfortunately, my order also included a "The Flash Logo T-Shirt" and I was VERY annoyed to find that it has a Grafitti Designs logo on the left sleeve. The photo of this shirt you have on your website does not clearly show the presence of this symbol. I would not have ordered this shirt if I knew it included this logo and as a result it will likely not see much use.

I am not planning to return this shirt, as this would be a big hassle to me, but wanted to let you know that this problem tainted an otherwise excellent first-time shopping experience with your online store. I also wanted to suggest that you add an additional photo or change the photo on this item (and perhaps other items with a similar logo) to inform other customers that the shirt has this logo printed on it.


Hi Daniel

Regarding the Graphitti logo on some of our shirts? I couldn't agree with you more!

I've personally asked Graphitti to reconsider the printing of their logo on their shirts. Their response is, "It works for us." There you have it. This tells me that they simply don't care what their customers think, your nor us. Period. I've also spoken with a couple of other vociferous and irate customers about this very same topic and all that I can do is apologize and agree with them.

Just to let you know, we never deliberately hide the Graphitti logo in our pictures. We do our darndest to take the best pictures of our shirts that we can. The intent is to have the best representative images of the shirts you will find anywhere on the web, regardless where the logo ends up in the image. We've simply become numb to the logo since there's nothing we can do except take a good picture of it. Personally, for my own shirts, on a black Graphitti shirt with a white logo, I take a Sharpie to it. It actually works, but with a red shirt? Well, you're out of luck. Sorry.

But don't lose all hope. I'd like to help if I can. First off, I'd like to apologize for the issue. I'm sorry if you feel that you were jipped, cheated or hoodwinked. It was not our intention to do so and your satisfaction is of supreme importance to us.

Secondly, we don't want you to be totally disgusted with the experience you've had with, so I'd like to make it up to you by offering you a free shirt of your choice. That's right? A free shirt. Yippeee!! Here at SuperHeroStuff, if you bitch loud enough then it must be important.

And Thirdly, well, I forgot the third thing. But just let me know what shirt you would like and. Oh, I just remembered. Thirdly, we would like to see you again and we would like your experience to be an awesome experience on our site, so I suggest, in the future, that you pick the shirts that you like and either email or call us and ask if it's a Graphitti shirt or not. Our little Oompa Loompa warehouse guys will go check and let you know. I suggest you do the same no matter where you shop on line.

So, with your permission, I'd like to post your email on our Love/Hate mail page because so other people can feel validated in their seething anger.

So Daniel, let me know what shirt and what size you would like and I'll take care of it. Maybe a shirt for one of your girlfriends or one for Father's day. Take your pick (just not a hoodie though). By the way, I forwarded your email to Graphitti in the hopes that maybe, at some point, they just might change their policy for the betterment of mankind.

Have a great day Daniel. And thank you for the feedback. It makes a difference.

Daniel's Response

Just to be clear, I never thought you guys were trying to hide the Graphitti logo on the image of the Flash shirt and realized that you don't control whether they print the logo on the shirt or not. You seem to be very up front with your customers, which I really appreciate (i.e. costume t-shirt belt printing defects mentioned in descriptions). The logo is definitely more clear in the Superman shirts you attached, but in the Flash shirt picture it could easily be mistaken for a shadow unless you know it's there. The easiest thing for you guys would probably be to just add a note in the comments so that it says something like "The one, the only.. Barry Allen (or Wally West, if you're new school) Flash Symbol T-Shirt. Accept no substitute! This shirt also has a small logo from the shirt manufacturer, Graphitti Designs, on the left sleeve."

The shirt I'd like in response to your offer for a free shirt is the following:

Spiderman Distressed Classic $19.99
Size: Medium

And to show that there are no hard feelings and that I really really appreciate a business with excellent customer service, I'd like to throw a little more business your way. I don't have $74 to throw at the batman hoodie at the moment (which is amazingly cool), but I'd like to go ahead and get the Wolverine Costume Shirt that I decided to remove from my cart at the last minute when I placed my last order.

Feel free to post any part of our conversation regarding this issue, just please remove or abbreviate my last name and my email address so I don't get spotted by email spam crawlers.


Our Response

Hi Daniel

I just confirmed with the warehouse, your two shirts, both the Gumby and the Betty Boop shirts, are shipping today. You were only charged for the Betty Boop shirt, free shipping!

Thanks for being a great customer. I'll see what we can do about adding the text egarding the Graphitti logo on the Graphitti shirts. We might be able to do it from here on out, but it would take some time to add it to each of the other pages that are already there, but we'll still look into it regardless. Maybe we could get one a day or something. And please feel free to provide us with any additional feedback you think would make a difference that will contribute towards SuperHeroStuff's performance, customer service and profit margin so that we will eventually attain our goal of opening up multiple retail locations in every mall around the U.S. and ultimately ruling the world! Bwaa Ha Ha Ha Ha!! You should be receiving your package in about 4 days. Thanks again Daniel.

PS: Just kidding about the Betty Boop and Gumby shirts.

Ronando Long
c/o eMerchandise Group

- - - - - - - - - -


None of the previously ordered T-shirts reached me! NONE. Thank god PayPal was there to give me back my scammed money!


From Rohan

Rohan lives in India, we shipped to him International USPS.

Our Response

You know what Rohan. It wasn't PayPal who sent you your money it was us. You order from us and tell us how much a bunch of thieves your countrymen are and we send you your orders on good faith only to have you continuously insult us. Even now, after we have refunded your money you still insult us. It is disgusting how you blame the world around you for your problems and refuse to look at your own dilemma. You did not sign up for insurance. You chose US Postal instead of UPS. You could have chosen UPS and you would have been enjoying your shirts by now, but NO! You decide to order the shirts and then pretend that you didn't get them and then complain to PayPal without first coming to us! You whine to PayPal, calling us names, calling us thieves, calling us scammers, calling us liars and cheats when all the while you have already received your shirts and you just want your money back. How many other companies have you ripped off Rohan?? How many other people do you help steal from? Go somewhere else and steal from somebody else. You are off of our email list, do not ever order from us again?

Rohan's Response

LOL all that sounds really cute, order via ups etc, global priority mail mentioned on the website etc and then rip off people charging them loads of $$$$

You should be rescuing your cat lost on the street (isn’t that the stupid phone msg you got up there?) which did make me think this guy might be a load of crap, not to mention unfortunately I read the FAQ section AFTER I bought from your website. Guess what ? who cares about the stupid girls that work in your office idiot! LOL your a thief! and you did not return me my money, paypal FORCED YOU to return it so that your account is not butted!

So someplace else prick and keep your stinking attitude to yourself! Moron do you really think I'd go ahead and give international calls to hog up some silly t-shirts LOL! you are funny but sadly a funny thief!

Our Response

"Your shipping the item to India, the #1 fraud and cheat customs in the world, most of the items reach the children of these custom officials, hence make sure this is properly packaged and if possible write it down ""CUSTOMS PLEASE DO NO ROB THIS ITEM"" [This was the message Rohan put on his order, which we obliged and wrote such on his package.]

Sounds familiar? How conveniently you forget? You knew what you were getting into [regarding the risk of India's Customs stealing his items]. You blame all around you and still refuse to take responsibility for your own idiocies in life. Do not waste my time little man. Go cry to your mother since you have already shown your colors of cowardice and third grade name calling.

Have a nice day Rohan.

Rohan's Response

Stupid $&%$ *$%@# *%$#@%*

Our Response

Thank you for shopping with us at Super Hero Stuff.Com. We do hope you had a pleasant experience. Please have a Super day today and a great weekend. By by.

Rohan's Response

Thief! LOL what happened to your stupid cat which you were trying to resuce ? lol you might want to change that idiot, looks unprofessional! Enjoy your Sep 11s moron! LOL! hehehe!

Our Response

Thank you for shopping with us at Super Hero Stuff.Com. We do hope you had a pleasant experience. Please have a Super day today and a great weekend. By by.

At this point Rohan gave up.

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