Hellboy with Crown Specialty Series Pop Vinyl Figure

$11.99 Reg.$14.99

Hellboy with Crown Specialty Series Pop Vinyl Figure

$11.99 Reg.$14.99

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"Anung Un Rama?" I thought his name was Hellboy?

Well, it is NOW. Before he was hastily summoned to Earth by evil Nazi occultists, he was the son of Azzael, a properly vetted and officially terrifying duke of Hell.

And, as the son of preeminent Demon royalty, he was named Anung Un Rama which, loosely translated, means "and upon his brow is set a crown of flame."


Look, Hellboy's primary function before his assimilation into human society by professor Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm was.... heralding the apocalypse.

So, when the filed-down horns return, and a floating crown appears above said newly-grown horns?

Why, it's the absolute end of everything. 'Nuff said.

Measuring 4.5" high, our Hellboy with Crown Specialty Series Pop Vinyl Figure is a strangely cute and collectible reproduction of Hellboy as he summons (mostly against his will) eternal fire and the end of all things.

Yes, this Hellboy figure from FUNKO  features exquisite character detailing, including the 'Right Hand of Doom', Hellboy's cord-bound pants, and "floating" crown symbolizing global damnation.

Specialty series?

"Specialty series" means FUNKO only distributes these figures to specific, preferred retailers. Right, like SuperHeroStuff.

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