Frankenstein's Chrome Dome Belt Buckle

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We actually made this Frankenstein's Chrome Dome Belt Buckle out of old, dead belt buckles. We had found one regular belt buckle, but that was listed as an 'Abby Normal' or some jazz like that. I'm not entirely sure anymore. Been slaving over a boiling cauldron for the past 8 hours and I think the cyanide and arsenic have started taking a toll on my mental capabilities. All I know is I want to find a paint by numbers coloring book....AND COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINE! Yeah, I'm a rebel just like Victor Frankenstein. Some things just shouldn't be done, k? Anyways, if you have a liking to good ol' Franky and you enjoy a good belt from time to time, you should probably get this 3.5 inch tall by 2.5 inch wide Frankenstein's Chrome Dome Belt Buckle. It isn't a crime against humanity. We promise.

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