Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap
Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap - Front View
Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap - Side View
Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap - Back View
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Hydra Symbol 39Thirty CapHydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap - Front ViewHydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap - Side ViewHydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap - Back ViewSize Chart

Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap

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Well, the Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap is certainly one way to show where your allegiances lie. Unless you're going undercover. Or just trying to impress that nice Viper lady. Constructed from 95% polyester and 5% spandex, this bold green cap from New Era featuring the HYDRA symbol and a hearty "Hail Hydra" 'round back is bound to make you and your fascist(-leaning) buddies the target of Avengers everywhere, so you probably oughta take it off when you're headed down to the Beer Hall for putsch-related activities or you might be doomed before you start. BUT until you catch a red-white-and-blue shield in the grille, HAIL YOU, and your cool new Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap!

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  • Sku: caphyd3930
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Hat Attributes: Fitted, Symbol/Logo, Rounded Bill, New Era 3930

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Reviews of Hydra Symbol 39Thirty Cap

Carson, Agent of HYDRA
Shreveport, LA
submitted 3 years ago

Overall the hat is very high quality. My only concern is that it seems a tad bit smaller than most of the other "medium-large" 39Thirty caps I have from New Era, which is around four. It breathes very well and there were no loose stitches on the hat. The front emblem is very well stitched and "HAIL HYDRA" on the back middle really ties the hat together.

Seattle, WA
submitted 3 years ago

Half of hats out there give me a headache after hours of wear, but this thing is fitted perfectly! Plus it's Hydra, so it's awesome.

submitted 3 years ago

Hail hydra nuff said

RVA Nate
Richmond Va
submitted 3 years ago

Great quality, good price, quick shipping.