Hydra Symbol on Red Seatbelt Belt

Hydra Symbol on Red Seatbelt Belt

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The best way to avoid being targeted by Project INSIGHT is by donning the Hydra Symbol on Red Seatbelt Belt! Even if you aren't in HYDRA then I'm sure those autoguns will glaze right over you. Hopefully though you are a member of HYDRA and you have a healthy disrespect for that jerk Captain America!

This sweet HYDRA belt has a heavy duty seatbelt closure that's probably good for making sure that the Winter Soldier stays in line. Say, maybe we actually got these things from Robert Redford! I should probably look into that...in the mean time, HAIL HYDRA and all that!

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  • Sku: belthydrasymseat
  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Symbol

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Reviews of Hydra Symbol on Red Seatbelt Belt

submitted 7 months ago

Wasn't sure if my brother would like it. he did :) he will be the only hydra guy at marvel movies :D