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Made from 100% polyester and measuring 30.5" high and 26.5" wide comes the gamma infused Hulk Figure Cooking Apron! Marvel's Bruce Banner likes to cook, but when he spills delicious Ribs dippin' sauce on his brand new purple pants...well, I'm pretty sure you know how that ends. You won't have to worry about making a mess though with the Hulk Figure Cooking Apron but still telegraph that nobody would want to make you angry. No harassing the cook, no asking when it is done, no telling the cook how it is done...just sit back, enjoy the apron and wait for the food!

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  • Rating: 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Sleeveless
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Call Us: 866-787-4376
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5.0Smashing Apron03/18/2015

Image looks really great on it. This apron is helpful when smashing foods.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
5.0Original love it12/13/2012

Unique, original love it!!!!!

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
5.0I wanted this one the most and it's been made!!!10/05/2012

I love it! I want it! I NEED IT!!! I have Cap, Batman, Superman, Iron Man and Green Lantern... I'm a hit with these at work, but I always wished there was a Hulk apron and now it's FINALLY been made!! Anxious to see what other characters are made into aprons!!!