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Bruce Banner often uses his tremendous rage in order to transform into his slightly greener personality, the Hulk! I think that's the only difference, right? He's just greener? Oh and apparently he can make some pretty mean French Toast from what I hear. They may have caught that out from the Avengers come to think of it. Joking aside, do you know what the best way is to celebrate Marvel's Green Machine? The Incredible Hulk HeroBox!

Created in 1962 by Stan 'The Man' and Jack Kirby(of course), the Incredible Hulk featured a scientist that unfortunately suffered a lab experiment that left him with an anger-triggered persona that is for all intents and purposes unstoppable. You should just pray that Bruce Banner never steps on a LEGO or stubs his toe, that's for sure! Irradiated by gamma radiation, Bruce Banner/Hulk is one of the smartest scientists in the Marvel Universe and one of the strongest characters respectively. It's usually one or the other though and only rarely do you get a super-smart rage beast. That doesn't even feel right writing. I guess that really depends on which storyline you are reading!

The Hulk himself is able to stand toe-to-toe with pretty much the strongest creatures and characters in the Marvel Universe. Everybody loves a good Thor-Hulk dust-up and Iron Man has created armored suits specifically for engaging the Green Machine. The Hulk has also fought a character named the Sentry to a stand still. Who is the Sentry? Oh, he only has the power 100,000,000 exploding suns and occasional Angel of Death...and the Hulk fought him till they both passed out! That's pretty impressive if you ask me! On top of that, Bruce Banner can psychologically match wits with the likes of Reed Richards, Doctor Doom, and Tony Stark!

So here we have come full circle – the Hulk HeroBox. This mystery gift box is specially forged and completely dedicated to Marvel's Incredible Hulk. What sort of absolution might the Hulk HeroBox grant you? Will it also unlock your latent gamma-absorbing powers? Beats me...I just know that you'll at least get a shirt out of the Hulk HeroBox. From there, you can also get all sorts of other goodies like plushies, POP Fun Funko figures, beanies, socks, keychains, lanyards, baseballs...whatever can find as long as it is ready to SMASH! The Hulk HeroBox is the ultimate in random gift boxes for fans and you'll get tons of discounted awesome!

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