Hulk Rage Dog Collar

Hulk Rage Dog Collar
Hulk Rage Dog Collar- Unlocked View
Hulk Rage Dog Collar- Close Up
Hulk Rage Dog CollarHulk Rage Dog Collar- Unlocked ViewHulk Rage Dog Collar- Close Up

Hulk Rage Dog Collar

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Check out this sturdy dog collar adorned with images of the Incredible Hulk in the midst of....several tantrums. Tantrums that may, in fact, destroy a trailer park or.....fifty. Anyway, this resilient dog collar also features a metal, seatbelt-style buckle that separates easily with the press of a button; a button adorned with, conveniently, the incredible Hulk logo! This Hulk dog collar also features a thick, metal ring for secure leash attachment! You're welcome!

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  • Sku: dogclrhulkrage
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Excellent quality and comfortable fit xoxo

Bronx, NY

durable, many compliments


Exactly what I was expecting. This things durable. I have a 90 lb coonhound who plays rough at the dog park, and this thing takes a beating. We live on a lake and he wears it while swimming and rolling around in the sand on our beach. Still works like new.


Fit like a charm!! And sturdy!!