The Avengers Movie Incredible Hulk Cardboard Standup

The Avengers Movie Incredible Hulk Cardboard Standup

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This was just a normal little piece of cardboard. Maybe like 4 or 5 inches? Add a bit of gamma radiation and a stubbed toe and we have the monstrous 71 inches high by 50 inches wide Avengers Movie Incredible Hulk Cardboard Standup! Now he smashes. And he picks things up. And he puts down them down. HE PICKS THEM UP AND HE PUTS THEM DOWN! SMASH!!! Whoa, I think I caught some stray gamma radiation. The Avengers Movie Incredible Hulk Cardboard Standup is based off the brute force of the smash hit movie the Avengers!

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  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of The Avengers Movie Incredible Hulk Cardboard Standup

submitted 5 years ago

The Hulk was perfect for my 4 year old nephew. I've bought two other cutouts and while they were both cool as well, the Hulk was by far the best. It certainly is the focal point of the room.

submitted 5 years ago

I just ordered one today. very excited to see it and give it to my friend for christmas. but why is his shorts not purple !? aren't they suppose to be ??

edmonton canada
submitted 6 years ago

nhave a superhero 4 hire company and the kids love taking pic with the hulk

b1 kenobi
des moines IA
submitted 6 years ago

i look at the hulk stand up every time i look at my 52 inch flat screen. it freakin awesome. i got this b4 i seen the avengers so i took a chance on him. it took awhile to put 2gether unlike iron man or black widow. but the hulk is the biggest on the avenger so they had to made him look big. but yes this is worth every penny. ur kids or friend that come over will b in awe when they see the hulk in your house.