Hulk Classic Metamorphosis Sublimated T-Shirt

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Made from 35% Cotton and 65% Polyester, this white t-shirt features a faded, sublimated image of Bruce Banner in various stages of evolution (or de-evolution, depending on your perspective) as he transforms, unwillingly, into the Incredible Hulk! One would think Banner goes through a lot of lab coats in a day, depending on how many instances of aberrant, genetically expressed bouts of transformative anger occur.  This Hulk t-shirt is run through the Sublimation effect, making each t-shirt slightly different and more unique than the last!  All variations are part of the process and are intended to make this tshirt one of a freakin' kind!  Now, what's all this noise about this here "Sublimation effect" I'm speaking of?  Well...The basic dye sublimation process uses special heat-sensitive dyes to print graphics and text onto special transfer paper. The paper is then placed on a "sublimatable" item and both are placed into a heat press.  When the heating/printing cycle is completed, the image on the paper has been transferred to the item and has actually reformed into or underneath the coated surface. Run your finger across the surface of a sublimation printed plate, mug, or even a t-shirt or any coated product and you will feel nothing. This is much different than This is much different than what you would expect from a "heat transfer" or iron-on, and a traditionally screen printed t-shirt. This Hulk shirt is a soft, high quality t-shirt on par with Junk Food, so the time to buy this limited edition t-shirt is....Now!  No...NOW!  Ok...NOW!

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  • Color:White
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:Marvel
  • Style Attributes:Retro, Sublimation/all-over print
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Daniel Latham
Manchester UK

Excuse me Could you shp this shirt to the UK and deliver it to my house if you got another shirt like this because I want it more than anything in the world.Daniel Latham

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.