"Torn" by Bruce T-Shirt Collection

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Want to get so close to the action you can smell it AND wear it?? Then I suggest you take a gander at the ripped and torn asunder t-shirts formerly worn by Bruce Banner, and then fashionably, brutally shredded by a terrifying transformation into his silo-sized, green-hued, easily aggravated alter-ego, THE INCREDIBLE HULK!

That’s right, after the skyscraper-breaking rampaging subsides and the Avengers mill about a newly birthed crater from which an exhausted, half-naked Banner clumsily emerges, loyal SuperHeroStuff.com staff members stealthily procure the tattered remains of Bruce Banner’s t-shirt and offer it to you, our loyal customers, in this exclusive line of pre-worn, post-Hulk-transformation t-shirts!

Warning: these t-shirts are usually smattered with copious amounts of blood, hair and flesh, and might be necessary pieces of evidence in future cases involving immeasurable, unlawful collateral damage committed by the imperviously unconscionable INCREDIBLE HULK!



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