Iron Fist Logo Immortal Dragon Men's Pajama Pants
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Iron Fist Logo Immortal Dragon Men's Pajama Pants

  • You can either get them here, or K'un-Lun. We're closer.
  • Officially licensed Iron Fist pajama pants.
  • Made from a soft blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.
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Yes, you can have these AFTER you slay the immortal alien dragon.

If you want to become "THE IRON FIST" -- the preeminent protector of an ancient, extra-dimensional realm known as K'un-Lun -- you're going to have to slay a dragon. THE dragon.

'Shou-Lao the Undying' is an immortal creature (yes, dragon) whose Chi-filled heart powers every aspect of this Kung-fu movie-inspired reality.

Looking to claim this infinite source of devastating Chi energy and protect K'un-Lun from dimensional incursions and pesky HAND invasions? Then I suggest several years of abusive martial arts training before attempting to crush the heart of an alien god.

What? You actually pulled if off? The power is yours??? Congratulations -- here's your pair of  EXCLUSIVE Iron Fist Logo Immortal Dragon Men's Pajama Pants.

These heather-gray Iron Fist pajama pants feature an Iron Fist logo pulled straight from the classic Marvel comic series -- bold yellow letters bolted with subtle rivet accents.

Capping the logo, the green symbol representing Shao-Lou the Undying.

To the right, Chinese characters representing, yes, "IRON FIST."

More reasons why your brand-new Iron Fist lounge pants are simply the coolest:

  • Soft? Oh, yes.
  • An elastic waistband with drawstring tie.
  • A button-down fly.
  • Spacious pockets.

More Details

  • Sku: pjiflogoimmdrag
  • Color: Heather Grey
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Symbol, Exclusive

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Reviews of Iron Fist Logo Immortal Dragon Men's Pajama Pants

tacoma, wa
submitted 1 year ago

super comfy. size just right. nice design.

Montreal, Qc, Canada
submitted 1 year ago

Fall asleep in those pants and you'll dream you're kicking every bad guys ass!!! Very comfortable!!!

Long Island, NY
submitted 1 year ago

Got this for a gift for my husband. He loves it & says they're super comfortable. Quick shipping too