Iron Man Repulsor Glove Bottle Opener


Iron Man Repulsor Glove Bottle Opener


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If you can't screw it off, blast if off.

Seriously, stop wasting your time with that infuriating bottle cap. Put on the armor, set Repulsor Power to, like, .0005%, and gracefully remove it with the finesse of a laser scalpel.

Or, keep the setting at "normal" and blast the ####ing thing from here to one of several hundred Stark Industries communication satellites (that also house emergency, purpose-built Iron Man armors).

Barring the involvement of actual Iron Man armor, I suggest swallowing your pride and removing said infuriating cap with our Iron Man Repulsor Glove Bottle Opener.

Rendered in a brushed bronze coloration, this Iron Man bottle opener simulates -- quite accurately -- an earlier rendition of Tony Stark's Repulsor Glove.

This homage to old-timey Iron Man armor features indented segments along the wrist and fingers, and a sizable bottle opening orifice. Eeeyup.

Measures 5.5" long, 2" wide.

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