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Does Iron Man have an Iron Clock? You know, nix that, that sounds a bit too dirty even for us. If you feel like sleeping off that last comment, we have just the thing for waking you up in time for more tasteless gibberish! This chrome Alarm Clock featuring Iron Man was created in a cave under the watchful eyes of evil people. The clock was ultimately used in an awe inspiring escape and now versions of this clock are under production by military complexes the world over; but you can own this 7 inch and change alarm clock before it is used to take over the world. Brought to you by Stark Industries.

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  • - Rating: 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
  • - Licensor: Marvel
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Brisbae, Australia

Was broken within 10 minutes of installing the batteries. Loose wires, nothing worked. Had to open up and solder the wires back in place. response:

Sorry to hear that, thanks for the feedback, I will let our team know.