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Iron Man, Iron Man, does whatever Iron can!, that isn't right. That's a different Marvel theme song! Come to think of it, Iron Man's theme song was created by Black Sabbath. I could be mistaken there but you are welcome to check! Where we? Oh yes! Iron Man! What isn't there to love about a billionaire playboy philanthropist? Truth be told Batman and Iron Man should probably hang out. Probably have a lot in common!

Created in 1963 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Iron Man was originally portrayed as a strong character against the forces of Communism. The original story saw the billionaire and tech giant Tony Stark wounded by a booby trap in Vietnam. Kidnapped by the Vietcong, Tony Stark was told he had to make weapons of mass destruction but instead decided to create a powered armor suit to escape his captors! Slightly different then the Robert Downey Junior movie version of Iron Man but at least the heart of it is still there. See what I did there? I sometimes amuse myself!

The character continued to develop through the comic book world and invent all sorts of insane power armor suits. Some for fighting the Hulk, some for deep sea diving, some for interstellar travel, and some that can even be stored in one's bones! Oh, and he also kind of turns into a jerk from time to time but we still forgive him. That whole Demon in a Bottle, Civil War, Illuminati, Planet Hulk, and Superior Iron Man were just flukes! FLUKES I SAY!

Iron Man/ Tony Stark do not normally possess superpowers but much like the DC Comics' hero Batman, intelligence and money go a long way! Propped up by his company Stark Industries, Tony Stark is wildly considered one of the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe rivaling that of Bruce Banner and Reed Richards! That mainly means that he's really good at making laser beams and that's probably the best part about that!

It is for that reason that we have hand-crafted the super cool Iron Man HeroBox! This fantastic HeroBox is a fantastic mystery gift box inspired by Marvel's Man in a Can. What will you get? You'll get least a shirt but everything after that is anybody's guess! You might get pint glasses, mugs, POP Fun figures, buttons, magnets, lanyards, plushies, beanies, ice cube could be anything and everything! Just know that you'll get a heavily discounted mystery gift box dedicated to your favorite character!

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